Men's Full-Zip Outdoor Hoodie | Single Pack | PRS PRO 305
Men's Full-Zip Outdoor Hoodie | Single Pack | PRS PRO 305
Men's Full-Zip Outdoor Hoodie | Single Pack | PRS PRO 305


Men's Full-Zip Outdoor Hoodie | Single Pack | PRS PRO 305

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The Outdoor ML Lupetto Full Zip PRS PRO 305 Sweatshirt with thermoregulatory fabric is designed for use in outdoor environments, during activities such as hiking, trekking or climbing. the thermoregulatory fabric helps maintain optimal body temperature, in any weather condition. The t-shirt has a snug but comfortable fit to ensure maximum freedom of movement during physical activity. The breathable fabric allows you to expel sweat and keep the body cool and dry. The PRS PRO 305 is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, breathable and versatile t-shirt, suitable for different weather conditions.


  • 94% Polyamide
  • 6% Elastane
  • To keep the softness characteristics intact over time, we recommend delicate washing in water at 30° with neutral soaps.

    Care tips

    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not iron

      PRS LINE

      PRS resists the most energetic workouts, caressing the skin and the foot

      We have made them resistant, so that you can train with peace of mind: the toes and heels are reinforced. We have designed them for the most sensitive feet, thanks to the hand-linked toe and the third anti-rubbing heel and the DRYARN® fabric that insulates the foot and keeps it in a healthy environment.

      We thought they were comfortable, thanks to the cushioning sponge insole, which allows you to run and jump without problems.

      Finally, we have thought of them as firm, suitable for your movements: they are shaped for the left foot and right foot, have an elastic band that stabilizes them and an elastic piqué cuff, a soft and fresh fabric.

      So much care for carefree days on the move. Good workout!

      PRS are socks that protect you during movements, resist the stress of a good sport session and leave your feet healthy

      Stocking that follows you

      Elastic knit and cuff, honeycomb structure, shaped for left and right foot: it moves in perfect harmony with you


      For your moments of sport

      Careful socks so you can enjoy the most intense workouts and take care of your feet. But also clothing, the result of the same thoughtfulness. So that your workouts are always fantastic


      The cure starts from the materials

      Not all socks are the same: the materials and the way they are built really make the difference. This is why we design them by observing you in your daily life: to create socks that help you enjoy every moment of the day. Want to see the materials?