Beautiful, beautiful and ... made with great care

Stockings aren't just stockings. This is why ours are worked in every minimum detail.

Materials, workmanship, styles: that's why this is the perfect place to give your feet the comfort they deserve.


The beauty of feeling them on

We choose the most pleasant materials for your feet: lisle for socks with a very fine yarn like silk and at the same time resistant, cashmere, a rare and precious natural fibre, merino wool, the most precious, which protects from the cold and from the heat, in all its softness. We take care of the socks in every detail: hand-linking and reinforcements on the heel and toe, to make them last for a long time. So that you can enjoy their soft comfort every day.


Comfortable, stylish, all day long

Short and long, in fine wool or thin and breathable cotton, angora, alpaca or ultrafine cashmere: Prisco socks kiss your feet in every season. And they also satisfy your desire for style, with thousands of designs for every moment of your day, from simple to glittery to the most surprising and fun designs.

PR extension

The pleasure of playing sports

We have thought of your moments on the move with socks and clothing designed for the comfort and needs of your body. Pleasure, but also a lot of technology to train well: seamless seams, to not feel any discomfort, linking to reinforce the points subjected to the most load, combinations of materials designed to enjoy every moment of your training.


A warm hug for her little feet

Materials designed for the health and care of her feet with OEKO-TEX certification to guarantee high quality standards. And then many, many colorful and playful styles, because wearing socks, at any age, is always a joy!


Work in safety

In the sock house you will find footwear designed for every situation: because you need a different sock for every situation. We have created the ISI WORK line for those who do manual work or work in the healthcare world. To offer you all the protection you need and the smile of someone who is comfortable even when on the move for most of the day.