Many gift boxes to bring a smile and a soft day

A sublime gift idea with two surprises: beautiful socks in joyful boxes

Yes, we are a gift that will leave many smiles

For us, socks are a gift to the feet and to the person during the day. Why, then, not create nice, creative boxes that can brighten the eye and give you the opportunity to make an original gift?

Our playpens are created for both children and adults. Explore the various boxes on our site to find the one you are passionate about.

We also always create new ones, even in partnership with other brands, to give you original solutions that you won't find elsewhere. Even when you want to give a nice gift, go to Prisco!

To each his own box

Fun boxes for adults and children, a gesture of love
that gives a smile to those who receive Prisco socks.
In short, a double gift: a box to give away a moment of hilarity
and many socks for sublime moments.