Perfect materials for 365 days of soft comfort

We have made them for every day and for the seasons, carefully studying the most suitable materials for each environment.

How much do you know about the materials that inhabit your socks? We love to tell what lies behind our work, to show the care we put into choosing each material.

Scotland thread: a piece of cotton, a magnificent caress

We choose Scotland thread for our socks because it has so many advantages that brighten up even the most hectic days:
The yarn is very fine like silk and, at the same time, resistant. Furthermore, we cut the socks by hand, to give them even more strength;
Promotes skin transpiration and moisture absorption, for feet that are always fresh and dry;
The thread is soft and shiny, beautiful to look at. But don't be fooled by its delicate appearance, it is non-shrink and non-deformable;
It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, perfect for adults and children.

Our Scotland thread socks are ready to cheer you up even on the busiest days!

Merino wool: super soft!

Our Merino wool socks are a warm hug for your feet. Why did we choose it?

It absorbs all the humidity that forms, leaving the foot dry and healthy;
It is breathable, does not retain sweat, perfect for staying warm;
Very hygienic: the shape of the fibers prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt. Furthermore, the lanolin present inside has self-cleaning properties, because it creates an environment hostile to dust mites;
It has a thermo-regulating action, keeping body temperature constant. Yes, it's good even when it's warmer!;
Protects your feet. It is in fact antibacterial and does not irritate the skin. It protects the legs from humidity and is a natural remedy in case of inflammation and pain;
Protects from bad smells.

How can you not love Merino wool socks?

Cashmere - beautiful and comfortable socks.

Cashmere is a rare and precious natural fiber. A splendor, especially worn in a stocking. A soft caress for your legs... but much more and that's why we choose it for some of our lines:
It is extremely skin-friendly, non-itchy, non-stinging like other wools;
It has isothermal properties, protecting you from the cold and, at the same time, keeping your body temperature constant;
It is a very elastic fiber and resists twisting;
It is a shiny wool, which gives a touch of shine to the socks;
It is sustainable, because cashmere garments can be reused to make new ones;
It's a wool with antistatic properties, so it doesn't attract hair and hair to itself.

You will love our cashmere socks!

Alpaca: very warm and resistant socks

Alpaca is a very different fiber from the others. We have chosen it for some of our socks because we want Prisco to be the home of socks for you, where you can find everything you need. But why the alpaca?
Alpaca socks don't tighten like the others because they don't have elastic;
They are suitable for sensitive skin.
They are very difficult to break, the fiber is quite strong;
They keep warm but are breathable, thus promoting the natural transpiration of the foot.

Try them, you will fall in love.
You can find them here, on Prisco, as always.

Angora: one of the best allies for the heat.

For those who don't like the contact with wool on the skin, angora is a friendly fibre. Angora wool does not irritate the skin and does not give that pinch typical of other wools, because its filament has rounded rather than pointed ends.
This is why we have included it in some lines and for many other advantages:
It favors a very high thermal insulation because the fiber is hollow, creating small air chambers that block the air;
This type of socks does not actually heat up, but retains body heat even if the outside temperature changes;
It is a natural fiber, which offers a pleasant sensation on your feet and an additional possibility to diversify your sock collection.

Try them out, we have several styles here in your hosiery house.