A sock to make every moment sublime

Different socks for every goal in your day

From work to training in the evening, to weekend walks and holidays.
You decide how you want to live every moment, we give you the right socks to feel good.

Men's socks that make every day beautiful

The house of the stocking offers you the styles you want to always feel like yourself, even in moments of relaxation. Whichever socks you choose, our concern is the same: that of giving you resistant, comfortable and suitable socks for the situation.

The beauty of always being well

Our everyday line is made with you in mind and the thousand commitments that accompany your day. This is why we have so many socks and so many materials, designed to make every moment a moment of comfort. Here's how we take care of you with this line of socks:

  • Elastic designed for your movements: very delicate, no vascular constrictions. You don't feel it, but it's there and it supports the sock in all your movements;
  • Resistance: the linking and reinforcement of the toe and heel make the socks tough, to move freely;
  • Perfect materials for every season: from Filo di Scotland to alpaca to Cashmere, we have chosen precious materials to accompany you with joy 365 days a year;
  • Many styles for every personality: here you can find all the patterns you want. You will be spoiled for choice;
    Health for your feet: following the OEKO-TEX regulations, the use of all harmful substances such as amines is excluded.

Designed to make every moment of your day comfortable

We thought of you and the many moments of your day. Quiet moments, moments when you are in a hurry, moments of joy and moments of relaxation. For this we have our Casual/Daily line:

  • There are socks of different materials, from lisle to various wools (Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora) to feel good in all seasons;
  • There are so many styles for a walk downtown or an evening with friends, to suit your every mood;
  • There are socks designed for the home, with a non-slip sole.
  • In the house of stockings you can find everything you need for a soft, comfortable day. Always with a touch of style.