We have created many brands to delight all your moments

Do you want to get to know us better? Pleasure, we are the brands that take care of you every day. Find us here, in your sock house.


Our historical brand creates new socks every season, to follow your needs and desires:

  • The materials are cared for, from Filo di Scotland to virgin wool, because every occasion is important to us;
  • We know that tastes change and, above all, that every day has its own mood: that's why we offer you from more sober and elegant plain-colored socks to colorful socks with imaginative styles for your most brilliant outings;
  • The attention to detail allows you to enjoy your socks during the day: from the reinforcement of the toe and heel, to the linking, up to the wash-resistant colors, we have studied the socks to lighten your day and give you a smile;
  • Socks for everyone: from boys and girls, who can run happily thanks to the breathable materials and non-slip socks, up to socks dedicated to healthcare personnel: with Prisco you have it all.

You discover

The Discover brand includes consumer and promotional socks, also offered in large packs for greater convenience.
Not for this we have forgotten our mission: to delight your day with beautiful, resistant socks, with functional materials.

With Discover you will be able to enjoy the most eclectic styles, the most colorful and fashionable socks, giving that touch of vitality to your clothing every day.

With Discover you can express yourself however you want.


There are times when we want to express ourselves in all our elegance.
We want to bring out the most sophisticated part of us and feel good.
That's why we created Punto:

  • The materials are beautiful both to feel on the skin and to see. Because having elegant stockings makes us feel elegant;
  • The style is refined, even when it is more imaginative: our Puntos can be used at work, during important occasions and for your outings where you want to express the best of yourself;
  • Elegance does not mean monotony: from paris to stripes, from diamonds to micro-patterns, we have everything you need to bring out your uniqueness. With style.

PR extension

Of course, we have also thought about your sporting moments.
And we did it with your health, the resistance of the socks and, why not, your style in mind.
PRS are designed in depth to have everything you need in sports clothing and socks:

  • Elastic piqué cuff
  • ankle no stress
  • reinforced toe and heel
  • shaped for the right foot e
  • left
  • anti-rubbing toe
  • 3rd anti-rubbing front heel
  • honeycomb structure
  • sponge cushioning insole
  • stabilizing elastic band in the foot - DRYARN® fabric: light, insulating, hygienic and resistant


We follow them from their first steps, giving them the pleasure of crawling, walking and running.

  • The fabrics we have chosen are very delicate to caress her little feet, from pure silk to cashmere, from linen to cotton;
  • The finishes are manual and the applications precious, to give everything you want to your boys and girls;
  • The delicate pastel colors of our collections delight the eyes and the heart;
  • Socks, scarves, tights, caps and blankets are all made in Italy.