A magnificent cuddle for her feet

We've been accompanying him ever since he crawled

Socks and technical clothing that give you durability and comfort even in the toughest sessions.
With that touch of style you need to... sweat with a smile.

Warm, soft and... lots of racing!

Ever since they were born here you can find the first wool or cotton socks to protect the feet and maintain a constant body temperature.
As they grow, we have non-slip socks for him and her for playing at home, sports socks for the first moves outdoors and socks for every day.

We also thought about their desire to express their identity, with cheerful colors and styles that put them in a good mood when they wear their favorite socks.

We have also thought about the health of your feet: we follow OEKO-TEX regulations and therefore we do not use harmful substances such as amines.

Discover the fabrics that take care of your feet

From Scotland thread to merino wool, from alpaca to cashmere and many more.
We design the socks thinking about your well-being and the comfort that our socks give you every day.

Our socks for all your moments

We are the home of stockings because here you can find all the stockings you need for every moment: from a walk in the city center to the day at work, up to moments of sport. For adults and children. A joy to have everything in one place, isn't it?