You won't want to miss a workout with your PRS

Clothing and socks for your moments of well-being

Socks and technical clothing that give you durability and comfort even in the toughest sessions.
With that touch of style you need to... sweat with a smile.

Socks and clothing to train with comfort and style

PRS socks protect your foot from friction and moisture and are built around your feet. The clothing is designed to give you the best... even in terms of style.

For workouts done right.

Decades of fabric research have led to PRS socks for your every sporting moment.
The socks are built to perform and, at the same time, keep the foot comfortable and healthy. we designed them with you in mind:

  • Elastic knit and cuff, honeycomb structure, shaped for left and right foot: it moves in perfect harmony with you.
  • Reinforcements on the toe and heel so they don't puncture, honeycomb structure: they can withstand even the toughest workouts.
  • Linked toe and third heel to avoid chafing on the skin, cushioning terry sole: a caress even under exertion.
  • Health for your feet: following the OEKO-TEX regulations, the use of all harmful substances such as amines is excluded.

Designed to make every moment of your day comfortable.

We have studied the clothing for your sports moments with the same care with which we design the socks.

And we have a gritty look, to put you in the right mood.

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